Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Early Graff/Groff/Grove Roots

A Bit of Earl Township PA History
The link above will give you a good overview of the Graff/Groff/Grove's family initial presence in the colonies and specifically Pennsylvania.   From Lancaster County PA my Mennonite ancestors left the state and apparently the faith, as from what I have researched none of my Grove line are Mennonites today.
Here you can see the birth record of William Young Grove as recorded in the records of Jacob's Lutheran Church in German Township Fayette Co. PA.  Also recorded in this book are the births of 2 older brothers, Johannes(John) 1818 and Henrich(Henry) 1820.  So my Pennsylvania roots span the state from east to west.  Oddly enough by 1840 Shepherd and the family are in Berkeley County WV and William married Sarah there in 1846.  They remained in Berkeley County until the early 1850's.  Within 50 miles of Martinsburg, WV are many sites with documented births, marriages and deaths of many of my Grove ancestors whether it be in Virginia or Maryland the Grove surname is frequently spotted.