Saturday, January 19, 2013

Obediah Wilkins & Celia Strickland Wilkins

My great great grandparents on my mother's side were Obediah and Celia Strickland Wilkins.  Obediah was born in Georgia in 1810.  His wife Celia Strickland was also born in Georgia in 1823.  My great grandfather, Albert Allen Wilkins was one of their eight children.  Before their deaths in Honey Grove Texas in the early part of the 20th century they lived in Mississippi.  There is some evidence that Obediah may have served in the Confederate Army.  I am researching this further.  This is the earliest Wilkins image I have found. It was in the Addie Schroeder Collection in possession of Addie's great nephew, Joe Wilkins.

Wilkins Family Research

The video titled Wilkins Sisters Reunion was created in 2011 by Christopher Grove with images I had gathered from family members.  The video was debuted at the Wilkins Sisters Reunion in July 2011 in Wichita, KS.  Everyone in attendance got a DVD of this video but until now I had not posted it.  So here it is.

In coming posts I will identify many of the Wilkins ancestors that are seen in this video and upload some of the breakthroughs I have made in our Wilkins family research.  For many years I had thought my Wilkins family research was at a dead end.  But thanks to I made contact with another researcher in Texas, Kathleen Wilkins, whose husband David is a distant cousin.  Kathleen connected me to Joe Wilkins in New Orleans who is in our line.  Joe is the son of Lloyd Wilkins who is the son of Ellis Wilkins.  My grandfather, Granville Wilkins and Ellis were brothers.  Joe is the source of many of the photos I will be posting.  He too is a genealogist and has kept all the Wilkins lore passed to him by his aunt Addie Wilkins Schroeder who was the sister of Ellis and Granville.  Through Joe I have learned more about his uncle, Lucian Wilkins, a WWII hero who died in combat and yet another cousin Mattie Bell living in Hugo, OK.  Future posts will elaborate on what I have learned and a mystery Wilkins ancestor that I am trying to find.

Wilkins Sisters Reunion 2011